Entry #28

The Dark

2014-07-15 22:41:56 by AbsurdRandomness

He moved closer to the door. He didn't know what lay on the other side. But this time he wasn't scared to open it. He approached the doorknob, grabbed it, and twisted the door open. On the other side was blackness. He walked inside and felt for a wall to find a switch, but no wall existed. Taking this path meant either oblivion, or untold treasure.

The door closed behind him. It was pitch dark. He could only move forward for the door behind him had disappeared. He ventured on. For hours he walked in solitude and desolation. He moved no closer to a destination and no further from where he began. He just existed. It was a lonely, meaningless walk.

Finally, he heard a sound. It called out his name. He turned, his eyes scanning for light. But he couldn't see a thing. Again, he heard his name called. He turned to the direction of the voice and followed it. The voice did not come often, but an occasional reminder that there was someone there kept him from collapsing and accepting the darkness as his new eternal grave. He followed the voice. Its calls had no pattern. It would say his name twice in a minute and then go silent for a day. But in that direction he walked. He felt it was his way out of the darkness.


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